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My latest Reads

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Recently for novels i have read some great fictional works. I am working on the novel 'Dune' by Frank Herbert. In the past month i have also read some high intense crime or thriller novels to get into my creative thinking. I highly reccomend  'In Pieces', as it is a story of overcoming challenges and perserverance. Another mystery novel that swept me off my feet this month was 'Where i lft her' and im excited to read the sequal.

Local Papers

In terms of news articles i try to focus on smaller papers. I believe they are able to accurately inform with not including a narative bias. I enjoy 'The daily Gazette', 'The times Union' and ocassionally 'The colonie Spotlight'.

Large Papers

For larger papers I do like to read the 'New York Times' however my favorite larger source of news is the BBC. The Brittish Broadcasting company in my opinin is a reliable News source that produces factual pieces that are meant to educate and inform their audience.