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Internal Investigation behind a Coach at Williamson highschool

Many would argue that the heart of the Williamson athletic department would be the soccer program. The town has shown a great passion for the sport, with the soccer club Williamson Wildcats as well as the school team. The field recently received an upgrade in 2019 As well as a shift in the coaching staff.

Previously, coach Jamie Welker was head coach of the team with Joe Mohr as the assistant coach until 2016. Makayla Bertolone played for the school and Wildcats from 1997 until 2010 and described Welker as ``one of my favorite coaches”.

However he announced retirement following the 2016 season. At this time an evaluation of applicants for the new position for coach had opened and multiple aspiring varsity coaches submitted their applications.

Following the interview process the new head coach Sarah Klejment, previously the Williamson girls JV coach, was announced.

Six years later Klejment has found herself at the head of an internal investigation within the district.

When Coach Klejment was asked about her thoughts on the investigation, she refused to comment.

This investigation has been the result after a known second report was made against the coach following a Violation of a mandated reporter, breaking FERPA, and unfair treatment. A formal FERPA complaint was filed on November 15th of 2022.

This is done on the basis of protecting a students privacy laws- prohibiting the disclosure of private information, medically or other. The coach has also been accused in letters addressed to the superintendent of displaying “favoritism”and “mistreatment” from past players.

Superintendent Mary Grace Mazullo, when asked about the status of this report, stated that discussing this investigation would be deemed “inappropriate”. When Mazullo was asked if she was aware that this was not the first report, Mazullo refused to comment.

However the superintendent noted that “The district consistently follows its board policies, conducts prompt and thorough investigations when concerns are raised”. The investigation is still ongoing as more witnesses have come forward speaking on their soccer experience.

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